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Kerry Martin

Remember when Black Friday wasn’t a thing? It was just another day in the calendar, but it’s now a MAJOR event for shoppers everywhere. To get the most out of the deals, here’s our 7 essential tips to get the best deals this Black Friday.

Plan, Plan, Plan

If you use Black Friday to buy Christmas gifts for friends and family, then write down what you’d like to get for each person, with a rough budget too. From the other half wanting the newest games console, to that toy the little one has been desperate for, a plan of attack will focus your targets so you can visit the sites you need to and buy as quickly as possible.

DON’T buy on impulse

It’s true that you don’t save money buying something at a great discount if you didn’t need it in the first place. Don’t buy for the sake of a great bargain.

Target your favourite brands

Before Black Friday, follow your favorite brands on social media. They will post about their deals as the day approaches, so you might grab yourself a bargain on something you already wanted.  Loads of brands offer exclusive previews when you sign up for their emails. You can sign up for Trtl preview notifications here.

Download apps to keep ahead of the pack

There’s lots of shopping apps available to make the most of the deals and sales. Some will filter by location – so you can visit the store – and some will offer extra incentives and perks for shopping with certain retailers. Perfect for squeezing extra value out of every cent you spend.

Ask about price matching

If you do make a purchase and see it elsewhere for a cheaper price, it’s worthwhile asking the retailer to price match. They may be keen for you to shop with them and could oblige.

Start online early

Avoid the crazy lines of shopping in store at 9am and start your Black Friday shopping at midnight online.

Don’t forget about Cyber Monday

Don’t worry if you don’t get a deal you were hoping for on Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a great second opportunity to grab that gift you were looking for, with some great discounts available.

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