<p>Valentine's Day Shopping? Keep reading</p>

Valentine's Day Shopping? Keep reading

Hate is a strong word, BUT... It accurately describes how we feel about shipping delays - especially during a busy season like Valentine's Day.

Stressfull shopping - Hate it!
Parcels not showing up - Can't stand it!
Long phone lines to customer service - Even worse!

To help you eliminate any stress and make sure your order arrives on time we have collected all the information you will need on this page, so that you can focus your energy on more important things - like tucking into all the chocolates & sweets!

If you have any concerns about your order we will be happy to help out. Just send us a message via the link below.

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<p>Valentine's Day Shipping Deadlines</p>

Valentine's Day Shipping Deadlines

Last day for guaranteed delivery before/on 14th February

Wednesday 9th of February 23:59 PST

Orders placed after the cutoff date will still be dispatched as normal within 2 business days, but we can't guarantee delivery before Valentine's Day.