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Trtl Pillow Plus

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Rest your legs on the go with graduated compression socks.

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Trtl Pillow Plus

The first fully adjustable travel pillow
from Trtl.

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My Trtl has become a flight "must". It was all the difference between sleep or no sleep at all. I can't survive without it, and no other kind of pillow works.

Jennifer - Trtl Travel Pillow

I bought the compression socks for my trip to Europe. I was surprised how well these socks are. Usually my feet will be swollen, but this time nothing. I felt very comfortable in them.

Plum - Trtl Travel Socks

I bought this pillow for a 15 hour flight from New York to Johannesburg. I loved it and I will use it for all my long flights (Hong Kong here I come!). Anyway, I did sleep a lot and to be honest I am not sure where my head was leaning towards but this thing seemed to keep it in place and I was very happy. It also does not look weird at all.

Andy - Trtl Travel Pillow

So much better than the nasty nylon looking things I had. Quick dry overnight too.

Rachel - Trtl Travel Socks

Using this when I travel, I would always get that look... You know that, "I wish I had one of those" stares :) it's is so easy to use, convenient and surprisingly comfortable! Would never travel without it, ever!

Liv - Trtl Travel Pillow

Discover our world-famous travelling products

Our travel pillow and travel accessories were founded on an ideology “you can't create time, but you can use the time you have brilliantly”.

Somewhere along the way, we realised there was more we could do for busy people who travel often, by creating a range of comfortable travel accessories, including the classic Trtl Travel Pillow, our fabulous Flight Socks and the Trtl Pillow Plus.

So have a great journey, sleep well... and enjoy the adventure at the other side!

Sleep when you travel, so you can be awake when it counts.

We know much too well the struggle of trying to find a comfortable position to sleep during a long journey.

Why should you choose our travel pillow?

The Trtl Travel Pillow is your new travel essential. Our expert knowledge of mechanical engineering helped to create a travel pillow that is lightweight, comfortable and that doubles up as a neck rest.

Meet our newest edition:
Trtl Travel Pillow Plus

This travel pillow incorporates all of the features you love from our classic travel pillow, only in a bigger size, lovingly designed with maximum comfort in mind.

Delve into a world of luxury wherever you go thanks to the super-soft microfleece lining and plush foam padding.

Try our brand new Flight Socks

Our flight socks are perfect for anybody who suffers from their feet swelling during a flight or during their travels. The gentle compression helps with healthy blood flow and reducing swelling.

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6567 Customer Reviews Worldwide

Free Delivery