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Kerry Martin

We’d all love the experience of flying first class when we travel, but for most of us we just don’t have the budget. Economy needn’t be tedious with our top tips on how to improve your in-flight experience. 

Trtl Pillow Plus

We, of course, recommend taking our very own Trtl Pillow Plus for the ultimate flight experience. Comfortable and customisable, the Trtl Pillow Plus will let you enjoy peaceful sleep as you fly, leaving you feeling refreshed when you land, unlike your fellow passengers!

Treat yourself

Take a customised bag of your favorite goodies to create your own inflight spa experience that will help you relax.

Skin can be prone to dehydration when flying, so take a super moisturising oil that will create a barrier between your skin and the dry cabin air. (We recently published a blog with skincare expert Renee Rouleau’s top tips for your skin when you fly).

Pack your favorite essential oils (lavender is good for relaxing), hand santanizer, your favorite hand cream and even a moisturising facemask.

Don’t forget your eye mask and earplugs, too!

Angle for an upgrade

There are a few tips if you want to try and bag yourself an upgrade. The best one is to turn up at the airport early, smartly dressed and with a big smile on your face and…ask for one! If your flight’s overbooked, volunteer to get the next one if you can get an upgrade. Or if you’re celebrating a special occasion, let the airline staff know. Even if you don’t get an upgrade, you might get a free drink!


Create your own cocoon of comfort with the Trtl Wrap. Our newest product is way more than a travel blanket. It has a section to secure your feet, can wrap around your shoulders (no slipping of the Wrap) and even has a cosy section to place your hands.

Pack comfy clothes

No doubt you’ve traveled to the airport in your favorite jeans or trousers, but a long-haul flight wearing these can get uncomfortable. Packing a pair of comfy jogging bottoms or leggings, loose fitting t-shirt and hoody in your carry-on. You’ll feel so much comfortable, making for a more pleasant flight experience.


Treat yourself to a good quality pair of noise cancelling headphones. With so many noisy distractions on a flight: think engine noise, children and passengers chatting, noise cancelling headphones can take you to a place of tranquillity with your favourite music, TV show, movie or podcast.

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