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As global travel restrictions ease, more and more of us are looking forward to taking a trip - whether that’s a day out, a ‘staycation’ or a longer journey. But travelling with all these new rules and regulations can be stressful! 

That’s why we have put together a handy guide, featuring our Top Tips for Safe Travel, so you can head out on your adventures feeling confident and safe. 

Check out our tips to help make your trip a total breezee.


Top Tips For Safe Travel

1. Check your travel insurance. Before you travel, check with your insurance provider as to what kinds of situations they will and won’t cover - nobody wants to get caught out.

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2. Maintaining a safe distance from others is a great way to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria when travelling. Lots of places have floor markings to help you space out, but if you need a quick way to remember how far apart 2 m is, imagine a 3 seater sofa, two shopping carts or a refrigerator on its side.

3. Wear your mask! Make sure you’re always following local guidelines for wearing a face covering, and remember they protect both you and the people around you. 

4. Keep your hands clean. Washing your hands regularly can help to reduce the transfer of germs and bacteria, so keep a bottle of hand sanitiser handy for quick cleaning on the go. Trtl offers a range of hand sanitisers in pocket sized bottles.

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5. If you’re travelling on a plane, train or bus for more than a few hours it’s important to keep your circulation active. Instead of walking up and down, try some in seat stretches to keep your arms and legs feeling fresh. A pair of Trtl Compression Socks is another great way to promote healthy blood flow too.

6. Keep your surroundings clean. Lots of transportation companies are investing in more frequent, and deeper cleans for airports, train stations and taxis. For complete peace of mind, a pack of alcohol wipes is a great addition to your hand luggage, so you know your seat, table or suitcase is clean and free from germs.

7. If you need to remove your mask to eat or drink, or while travelling through airport security, first clean your hands, then remove your mask completely instead of wearing it on your neck. This prevents you from accidentally transferring germs back to your face when you put your mask back on.

8. Do your research! Unexpected discoveries are one of the best parts of exploring a new location. It’s definitely still possible to find some hidden gems, but if you’re particularly set on seeing a certain sight or visiting a hotspot, check social media or give them a call ahead of your visit to avoid disappointment.

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9. Avoid peak times. Many attractions are quietest over lunchtime - beat the crowds and enjoy more space by booking visits to hotspots between the hours of 12 and 2pm. If you’re worried about going hungry, you can always treat yourself to brunch beforehand.

10. Enjoy natural spaces. One of the best ways to enjoy a new destination is to explore the natural landscape, and staying outdoors is one of the best ways to ensure you have plenty of space and less chance of transferring germs. Remember to be respectful, and leave the great outdoors the way you find it.

11. Be patient with yourself and others. There’s a lot of new rules and regulations being introduced to make sure we can all travel safely. A little extra patience and tolerance for each other, especially those who might now be finding travel confusing, or stressful, can help to ensure that we can all continue to explore and enjoy our favourite destinations.

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